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Tourist Attractions

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Valle de Elqui is a paradise -like valley, fertile in land and plentiful of water that has been used by its inhabitants for thousands of years to create astounding terraces and canal systems that still persist until this day. Although in the last 30 years many foreigners have arrived to this hot spot of the world attracted some by its mystical side and others for it's capital investment. Hence you see so many vineyards of export quality grapes and Pisco grapes that climb up the mountains in a majestic way, adding colors of green and red and orange depending the season of the year you come visit us.

  • Destilería de Pisco Mistral

When you come You can visit many Pisco distilleries in Vicuña as well as in Pisco Elqui. There are also organic winemakers that have great wine for such a north latitude. And the restaurants serve world class drinks and food.

  • Observatorio Cancana

The stars at night are breathtaking and there are many guided tours and excursions to tourist oriented observatories as well as special tours to El tololo near Vicuña. Which has close by the Puclaro Dam were every year they make international competitions of kite surf and windsurf, some say it's the best spot for doing such a sport in the world. There are guided tours of enduro motorcycles as well as horseback riding during the day as well as the night. There are incredible treks all around the valley were you can see Petroglyphs of the old inhabitants as well as incredible rivers and lakes lost in the immensity of The cordillera de los Andes.

  • Trekking Pisco Elqui

There are many places and people in the Valle de Elqui that give massages as well as therapies of all kind. There are many meditation complexes in cochiguaz and Pisco elqui .In El Molle there is a Zen Doyo one of the few in south america. All of these activities are enhanced by the energy of this place that has been recognized by many including the Tibetan Budhist monks that say that there is an energy vortex between Lhasa and Pisco Elqui. Anyway who knows you might even encounter a UFO in your visit to Elqui ...because for this it is also famous.