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Elquimista is not only a privileged place to rest in the beautiful Elqui Valley. But you can also enjoy in our gardens, or in the privacy of your cabin, a healing massage, with our In-house Masseuse, Pascuala De La Barra. 

  • BioaArquitectura

Clay workshop
Learn how to make bricks, and stucco painting of clay. For adults and children! Course lasts one day.

  • Taller Orfebreria5



Come learn to make jewelry from Copper, Silver and Gold! We have a workshop with machinery and professional tools so you can learn many techniches in metal working. Adult and childrens classes available.

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Carta Astral

¿Quieres conocer tú Carta Astral? ¿Quieres conocerte más a tí mismo? Consulta por TAROT tambien. Ven a Elquimista.

Astral chart

Want to know your chart? Want to know more of yourself? Elquimista himself will see you.

  • Taller Telar

Learn how to make Mapuche loom, Traditional, among others. We have a special workshop for this and for natural and chemical dyeing.

  • Taller Batik

Come learn this ancient Indonesian technique of dyeing with bees wax. We have at Elquimista all the dyeing materials and fabrics to make classes possible. Courses for one day or more. Contact us ...